"A good photographer must love life more than he does photography." - Joel Strassel


It is both my love for life, and my love for art that motivates me to capture the photographs that I do.  I love interacting with all types of people, capturing their spirit as naturally as I can through the camera lens. It is for that reason that I do not work in a studio, where pictures are staged, behind bright lights, but rather utilize natural light in any space.  I might ask you to do something that seems really silly, or odd, but it will usually produce your favorite image out of the group. I do not do many of the cliche wedding photos you might see on pinterest or other wedding pages, rather, I prefer to capture natural emotion and an overall sense of the day.  

I find it to be important to have fun with my clients and make them feel as comfortable with me as if I were a friend because that level of comfort produces the most natural and relaxed looking images.  And lets face it, some people are just not used to being photographed so I am here to help you feel at ease being in front of the camera, and maybe laugh a little too!

My photography teacher in college used to say, "When you make a picture" which I thought sounded so strange at the time, but in my years of experience I now see what he meant.  Each photographer has their own way of looking at something and it’s their own interpretation of it that makes it their own creation, its not just simply pointing and shooting with a good camera or lens.

I hope that it is your interest in my interpretation that brought you to my site today, and that it is my interpretation that will keep you coming back!